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The Tanjore Painting craft is one of the art craft started during the Chola period and flourished during the Tanjore Nayaks and Maratha periods. The Nayak kings brought Telugu speaking Raju families for the development of the craft. My family was one among the Raju family; hence I learn this craft from mychildhood. When I was three years, my father died. I was brought up by my grandfather and maternal Uncle (late) Shri. Sarangapani, In my school days, I helped him for preparation of painting and I learn the traditional materials used for Paintings. In the Year 1966, I have participated one year Tanjore Painting Training Programme conducted by my uncle with the Financial Assistance of Handicrafts Development Corporation. I have also trained one year cut glass art craft conducted by him. Early days I have brought paintings of the existing sketches of some Gods figures only. By learning free hand drawing, I have brought out various religious and secular themes. I also have developed the craft using modern technique without affecting the Aesthetic value of the paintings.

I have given training to my family members and realtives. I have given details of the painting techniques to the researchers and other scholars from various institutions. The painting techniques were demonstrated in the Conservators Association Annual conference at Thanjavur in 1999. I have given training to the interested artists also. I have been a resource person for given training to the programmes organized by the Poompuhar Emporium of Tamilnadu Handicrafts Development corporation Ltd. Office of the Development commissioner (Handicrafts), All India Traditional Thanjavur Painting workshops Tumkur etc. I have been Master for the special one year Tanjore Painting training Programme for 100 women, Conducted by the Tamilnadu Government at Srirangam, Trichy.

I have participated many Demonstration cum Exhibitions organised by the State and central Governments, at Suraj Kund Craftes International Mela, Shilparam Hyderabad, Crafts Mela at Udhayapur, Mumbai Craftbazzar, and New Delhi, I have also participated in the Special exhibitions on the occassion of the three days National seminar on Temple Architecture at Thanjavur and an exhibition at Singapore.

For my tier sum work and contributions to this Art field, I have been awarded Tamilnadu State Award for the year 1993 - 94, Kalamani Award at the Suraj Kund Crafts mela in 1994, a Merit Award from the Chief Minister of AndhraPradesh and National Award in 2002 - 2003. I have been selected by the Government of India for the Shilp Guru award of the year - 2012.

Last fifty years, I have fully concentrated my life for the Development of the Tajore Painting Art Craft. Many visitors and Art Lovers appreciated my work and given testimonials.